Monday, September 22, 2014

Are you a skeptic like me?

When I was first introduced to the essential oil world by a friend last year, I was skeptical like most people. For two reasons. 1. They seem too good to be true. And 2. They were too expensive.
Well, the more I read, heard and researched, the more curious I became.  I talked to two good friends who were using the oils with great success. But, I still couldn't afford them.
 Some oils are inexpensive and from what I've read and tried myself, a waste of money. My two friends were using Young Living essential oils. They are more expensive at the get go but in the long run they turn out to be less expensive then others for a few reasons. 1. You don't need as much as the other oils. 2. Much cheaper then a trip to the doctor. 3. Less expensive then most meds. And so much better for you then any over the counter or Rx on the market. There are no side effects from Young Living essential oils. Have you ever actually read the possible side effects from some of the medications you or your family take?
 Young Living started it all! They have just celebrated 20 years in the business! They have a seed to seal guarantee. They use their own seeds in their own farms which are all organic. They have their own distilleries and then it goes through extensive testing  before they seal it.  Other big name companies use other companies oils and just relabel it.

So, I saved up enough money to finally purchase the premium starter kit.  There are 11 oils in it to get you started. Plus 2 samples of a juice called NingXia Red, which I'll talk more about later. Samples of some of the oils to give to others, and a diffuser. Then who ever introduces you to the oils buys you an essential oil desk reference. As a member you'll receive a 24% discount.  And all you have to do is purchase $50 in products a year. That's it! You will also get hooked up to the oily world on the internet where you can ask questions and find answers! There are so many people willing to help. I absolutely love being a part of the Young Living family. Once your kit arrives, I will go over everything in your kit. And I'll always be available to help.

Here are some of the oils that I have used for me and my family. I will only post oils that we have used.

Peppermint: which comes in the starter kit. I've used for headaches on myself and my 17 year old with success. Just a drop or two where it hurts and within a few minutes the pain was gone. I've also used peppermint to help wake me up. Just put one drop in the palm of your hand and rub together then cup your hands together over your nose and mouth and inhale 5 or 6 times. But don't get the oil in your eyes. If you do rinse with milk. I've also put a drop into a glass of cold water to help me cool off. My 8 year old had a fever. Two drops on her forehead and the fever came down.

 Lavender: I've used it in my Better Butter Balm lotion for eczema. Plus it smells great! I've used it in place of neosporin on boo boos. It won't sting. I've rubbed it on my belly for menstrual cramps in place of ibuprofen. I reapplied every hour for the tough cramps.

Lemon: I use it in place of Rolaids/Tums for heartburn. Just a drop or 2 on your breastbone does the trick. Within minutes my heartburn was gone. I've used it in place of lemon zest in a green bean dish. And I just used it to get out homemade grape jam stains on my favorite shirt. (Don't ask me why I wore my favorite shirt while making jam.)

Purification: bug bite relief.

Valor: Helps with snoring. I put it on my Hubby's feet and diffused it while he was sleeping (snoring). He stopped snoring. Hubby is still in denial.

Peace & Calming: I put it on my neck and wrists and behind my nears while on a nerve racking phone call. I was so nervous while making the call. Sort of like the kind of nervous you get when you are speaking in front of people. Yup, that kind. I wasn't sure where to put the oil, so I put it on pretty much any open area at the time. I also diffuse it some days when we are needing a bit of a calmer homeschooling day. It really helps!

Thieves: is a combo of oils which include clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus. This oil kills airborne bacteria which is why I diffuse it often especially during cold and flu season. The girls were getting sick last week so beside diffusing it I also put a drop on each foot at bed time. I believe it cut down on their sick time. I also brush my teeth with it. Just one drop on my toothbrush. I started to get sick as well when the girls did, so I put a few drops in a veggie cap and swallowed it. I made a tea with it for my husband to help with his sore throat. I made a cleaner with the oil and cleaned my dining room table and kitchen counter. I also sprayed it on our wall in the basement which had mold on it. My 17 year old dabs it on her skin to help with acne. It's helping! Can't say enough about this oil.

 All the above oils are in the premium starter kit. There are three more which I haven't used enough to talk about yet. The Frankincense is supposed to help with your skin including wrinkles. I'm thinking about making a lip sized balm for under my eyes. I'll keep you posted.

This next oil is not in the starter kit but a must have during the cold and flu season. And it's an inexpensive one to boot.
 Eucalyptus Globulus. My nose was stuffed up so I put one drop on my nose and within just a couple of minutes my nose drained and I was able to blow it out!!! Keep your eyes closed for a minute or so because it is super strong. And don't apply while driving. I know this from experience! My 8 yr old had a horrible cough especially at night. I put an drop on each foot and diffused it in her room as well. No more cough and sleep for All!